In Defense of Crocs….from the Island of Misfit Shoes (F)


I love my Crocs. I may be the only one lol….

I heard a joke about Crocs on Anderson Cooper last night and I realized that all is lost. Crocs have died a painful media death and the days of middle school age kids switching/sharing colors and new colors selling out in a day are over.  I have many colors of crocs and I have worn them for years only to be told recently that they are ugly.  Ugly?  That is harsh.  Tear Drop :(.  I have some of their first boots:  Georgies and Nadias.  I really liked them.

They have become kind of a national joke.  All my friends know they are made here in Colorado, so I get teased.  I have the Rockies, Avalanche and Marshall Crocs along with a lot of the colors.  I have the boots.  Why?  You ask?  They are comfortable.  I like the bright colors.  They are good for people who have diabetes and MS.  They breathe.  They are waterproof.  Crocs in the summer and Uggs in the winter.

I think many believe that Crocs have gone broke and died.  While they are a national joke, it is the owners of the company laughing all the way to the bank.  This was a garden shoe. This garden shoe went viral.  They had good marketing and smart buying.  They still do.  Nurses and doctors have contracts (through hospitals) all over the world.  They have an anti-bacterial brand. They can be washed  with soap and water.  They are biodegradable.

If you get marooned on an island; you can eat them.  The company purchased the Jibbitz company that made charms for the holes in the crocs.  They have a contract with Disney.  They have had contracts with professional and college sports.  They have a new crowd and consumer: children.  When I see a Croc store in the mall (yes they still exist) and they are real stores now and not just stands in the middle of the mall) it is filed with children.  They want Crocs and Disney character charms to fill the little holes.  The stores are busy.  They have a store at the airport.

They have ventured out into other types of shoes but their bread and butter are now the children.  It has also become touristy to buy a pair of Crocs when visiting the ski resorts or the mall.  Do I still wear mine?  Yes but not as often as I used to wear them.  They are very comfortable.  They are perfect for the beach for people who don’t like to walk in the water on what they can’t see.  They are made of foam…not plastic.  One note:  they will shrink if left in the sun.  Finally, they have a charity (Crocs Care) that takes old or broken Crocs (that people donate) and they make red Croc shoes for children for free in over 40 countries.  GN

A few that I have:





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